Engineered Artworks – Large scale work by Sean Orlando

Jeremy Mayer – Typewriter assemblage sculpture

CTP – The great facilitator, my Fairy Tech Father

Alan Rorie – Almost Scientific

Mark Galt – Automata builder

Benjamin Cowden – Kinetic sculpture

Reuben Margolin – Large, mesmerizing kinetic art

Tom Haney – Classic automata

Stephane Halleux – Wonderful characters and creatures

Gregory Barsamian – Giant zoetropes

Gina Kamentsky – Animation and kinetic sculpture

Randy Regier – Art inspired by toys

Michael Cooper – Masterfully crafted machine art

Mike Rivamonte – Robot sculptures

Clayton Bailey – Robot sculptures and ceramic art

Greg Brotherton – Machine inspired sculpture

Lawrence Northey – Robot sculptures

Arthur Ganson – Brilliant kinetic sculpture

Jean Tinguely – Early pioneer in kinetic art

Survival Research Laboratories – “Dangerous and Disturbing Mechanical Presentations Since 1979″

Kenji Yanobe – Wonderful sculpture

Dug North – Great resource blog for all things Automata

Andy Hill – Robot sculptures

Theo Jansen – Stunning wind powered kinetic sculpture

Chris Eckert – Kinetic sculpture

Christopher Conte – Biomechanical sculpture

Dan Grayber – Mechanical sculpture

Lewis Tardy – Figurative and robot sculpture

Gregory Witt – Kinetic sculpture

Les Machines de L’Ile – Massive kinetic animal sculptures

Chris Fitch – Kinetic sculpture

Ben Trautman – Kinetic sculpture

Jud Turner – Assemblage

Ben Gould – Sculpture and painting (my Brother!)

Tal Avitzur – Robot assemblage sculpture

Shawn Hibmacronan – Mechanical sculpture

Carl Pisaturo – Kinetic sculpture